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Sharon Gartner 

. Independent Author of light-hearted Romantic comedy.

. Short story fiction  

.Content writer

.Intuitive Spiritual readings


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 For over 10 years Sharon has been an independent published Author and writer of funny light-hearted fiction. 

Introduction of the 'Charming  series 2019 

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~"Amazing book, witty, fun, fast paced and funny as hell.
Great characters and I will miss them now I've finished it.
Just such a good read, everyone can relate to some part of the story or people
and it'll leave you wanting more". ~Amazon 5 star review~ This Charming Angel 

Sharon Gartner

Spiritual readings & guidance 

Spiritual Guidance through readings. 

Phone readings and email readings available 

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White Bird, Short Story fiction 

 Official logo of the "Charming' series

Discover more from Sharon Gartner 

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Sharon Gartner Spiritual readings

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Sharon Gartner,author
White Bird, Fiction 
Spirtual readings and guidance 
Grant writer, content writer 
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