• Sharon Ogden

The undeniable age gap.

When you think of being 20yr old, there are times when 20yrs is not much different from being close to 40, until you hang out with a 20-year-old and all of a sudden the gap is wider than you thought and all of a sudden you think..

'Nah I'm 40!"

I wasn't aware until google told me, it's Youth week here in Australia, to pay tribute I wanted to reflect on the character Matt. The spotty youth local was written into the storyline of the 'Charming books" to remind the main character Lisa of the age gap she feels as she tries to jump out of the unstoppable train of getting older. We've all been there, especially when another birthday approaches and the fresh faces of young people around you remind you of the time clock that keeps ticking.

Lisa first met Matt in book one "This Charming Shack" when she went out to her local pub to introduce herself to her new community and make an impression. but when Lisa woke up with Matt in her bed the next morning after a night of much alcohol consumption, it was soon apparent, her reputation was tarnished in the small town of no forgiveness.


~ My head was thumping and my mouth felt like it was glued shut. I opened one eye and

breathed a sigh of relief that I made it to my own bed.

I rolled over to see a strange man sleeping next to me,


“Who the hell are you?” I asked him.

“My name‘s Matt, I told you like a million times man.”

“What are you doing in my bed?” I screamed at him.

"This Charming Shack"


But after Lisa accepted the horror of her drunk mistake, I felt the character of Matt needed to stay throughout Lisa's journey. His young dumb attitude to life always seemed to be lurking in every moment in Lisa's life, like that annoying computer program running its mouth off in the background, Matt soon became the brother Lisa never wanted.

In "This Charming Guest" book three in the "Charming series" I felt Matt’s role in this book was to remind Lisa of her approaching birthday, the last year before she hits the big 40!


“It’s Friday night, what are you doing here, it’s almost midnight?” I asked Matt like an old person. I don’t feel tired so I sit with Matt for a while as he watches some stupid TV program about extreme motorcycles and I am so ignoring the fact it’s just ticked past midnight and I am now officially in the last year of my thirties. “You don’t look right,” Matt said like he has suddenly noticed I’m still here, “you look like, I duno, depressed or somefing.” Great, even drunken youth is telling me I look terrible.

“Hey fuck it’s your birthday tomorrow,” said Matt, suddenly realising.

“Actually it’s today,” I corrected, pointing to my watch.

“Oh cool, happy birthday. Why do you look fucked off about it?

* This Charming Guest *


Matt's winging entitled Character is easy to place in any storyline of the series he filled the gaps in the storyline, especially when his personality, like any young person, reflects that of a dependant transitioning to adult independence. I wanted Matt’s Character to also have a caring, mature side concealed in a young and dumb adolescent personality. This reflects more in the fourth book "This Charming Dilemma" when Lisa tries to conceal her surprise pregnancy.


~Chapter 2~

Matt questioned Millie’s statement about me still not being over the first trimester but lucky for me, Matt’s dumb arse is a few tools short of a tool shed as according to Matt he thought Millie meant I have the 100 day flu, hence why the whole house including the back of my throat and eye sockets smell like pine fresh disinfectant spray when Matt doused me with disinfectant spray after my bout of morning sickness ended up all over his new shoes


~Chapter 13~

Matt has only just forgiven me for not telling him I was pregnant when he wanted to sign me up for Weight-Watchers or enroll me for the Biggest Loser. And after I informed him it’s okay he doesn’t need to fill the father role , a sigh of relief came over him but he has promised to be the

twins bodyguard until they both turn 21. I mean how sweet is that, children with their very own spotted youth following

them everywhere.


In celebration of youth week, I would like to shout out to my Character Matt, one of the better well balanced young people I have ever met.

As I am working on the manuscript of the next Lisa Adventure, I look forward to working with the character of Matt and his developing personality.


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