• Sharon Ogden

The task that comes with no instruction Manuel

Creating humans is easy, the worlds population has proved that. But when it comes to raising humans that do not appear to arrive with their own instruction manual, we have no choice but to dive blindfolded into the unknown world of raising a well-balanced human while keeping them alive. But there are experts all around us, they are called other parents. The saviour of our sanity, a world filled with tired and stressed-out versions of you who rally around each other in solidarity support for this lifetime thankless role you have willingly signed up for. You think to yourself, this is what I have been searching for, the answers I seek, these are my people, my tribe. I will never be judged by another again!

Until your little creation draws blood on another little creation and suddenly your tribe is silently judging you, Yes you, the parent of the little vampire you appear to be raising on red cordial.

When my main character of the 'Charming' series Lisa, desperately wanted to become a mother before her fast approaching 40th birthday, I was never going to develop the storyline on how society perceives the journey towards parenting should be with a normal family unit. In true Lisa style, she found herself pregnant and horrified by the poor choice of recent suitors that could be the father of this unplanned destiny.


Oh my god, I feel like such a tart.

Millie is staring at me in disbelief, and if she doesn’t say something soon I shall be forced to end this discussion and leave the room.

It’s been 4 months and 1 week since I found out I was pregnant and I have only just worked up the courage to tell Millie.

It’s so unfair and I cannot believe the universe did this to me. Okay yes, I did want babies before I turned forty and shrivelled up like an old prune, and yes, I will have just slid into home base to become a mother before the big '40' but that was before I was offered a chance to become a TV celebrity.

‘Oh god Lisa!’ Millie said as she slumped into a chair, ‘please tell me you know who the father is.’

‘Pfft, of course I do,’ I said.

‘Then whose?’

‘Well… there is Jake,’ I said.


‘And, well, there was someone else, but I didn’t know what I was doing so not sure if I really did it or not.’

I Didn’t want to tell Millie it was stoner Damo, I’ll only get a lecture followed by more judgemental noises. ~This Charming Dilemma~


Struggling to conceal the bulging belly from the townsfolk and facing the stigmatisation of single parenting, Lisa's plight was relate-able to many parents who found themselves suddenly hit with the mammoth task of raising humans. The storyline and the outcome of This Charming Dilemma lined up with the characters' belief that it will all work out , even in the most unconventional way


‘Lisa dear!’ Betty’s shrill voice appears, I look up and all I can see is a crowd of faces looking down at me, ‘what are you doing down there? You were supposed to play some rock music after the wedding so we can get dancing, what’s going on?’

‘She’s in labour,’ Daniel said, throwing the sheep costume over my legs.

‘Pfft she can’t be pregnant, Betty scoffed, "she doesn’t even have a boyfriend!’

Okay I’m pushing. I can feel two strangers merge upon me so I can only presume they are ambulance paramedics. A sense of relief came over me as they instructed me to push again. Damn straight I’ll be pushing because right now, apart from wanting to punch Matt and Jake in the face, that’s all I want to do.

‘Well, well,’ Millie appeared, taking my other hand, ‘we do know how to put on a show,’ she said.

I really want to punch Millie as well but I think I’ll deal with that later, right now everything feels like it’s on fire.

Okay now it’s fine, it’s all good… shit, what’s that.

I open my eyes to find a baby, on my chest. Oh my god, it’s a real baby. ~This Charming Dilemma~


May 8th is Mothers Day in Australia. A chance for little humans to appreciate the guidance and love they receive every day. So I would like to shout out all the single Mums doing both jobs, the married Mums, Mothers that have taken on the task of raising someone else's little wonder, and the unconventional mums, This book is dedicated to you all.

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