• Sharon Ogden

The power of one, or the power of many?

*Image Taken after the Police eviction of the Freedom protests outside Wellington Parliament house New Zealand, asking for an end to the mandates put in place by the NZ government through the Covid Management plan.

* photo source, Convoy for freedom Facebook group.


This image spoke volumes to me after it was posted on social media, normally when I think about writing different genres, politics is a subject that can only be viewed by the opinion of the beholder, therefore when an image like this presents itself, It can only be seen through the mind of the beholder with two different perspectives.

For those souls, who were exercising their right to freedom of speech this image ended hopes and destroyed spirits. Throughout the community they had built outside parliament house there was a feeling of injustice that their voices were not heard and many were devastated by the stupid actions of a few that resulted in police action to dismantled the camp.

But for those who disagreed with the protests, this image is seen as a welcomed end of the inconvenience the protest caused. Slamming them for the trail of destruction that they, the taxpayers, will have to clean up, calling them out on the unfair ridicule of leadership and the power of one has spoken

In conclusion- There is no right or wrong with this image, it's only how you choose to see it.


To listen to the heart, you first have to silence the mind


Politics has, and always will divide us on opinions. The one thing we agree on is that it's human nature to disagree. Since the global pandemic of the past two years it has become more and more clear that this has become less about a virus and the health of a nation, and more about politics, but of course, that is only my opinion.

Those who silence the mind and listen through the heart understand the veil that has been cast over us through events of the last two years. If you choose to see this image through the heart, it speaks of the Collective consciousness rising from the ashes and growing stronger as a community through the unity that brought them together.

So what do you see when you look at this image.

The power of one, or the power of many?


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