• Sharon Ogden

The little things that measure success!

First of all.....HAPPY EASTER!

As much as I would like to gift you all a coupon for a free Chocolate egg to enjoy while you are spending your long Easter weekend reading, I'm afraid you will have to settle for a shout-out to all my readers and supporters for all your hard reading. So from me, it's a huge THANK YOU!

As a writer and independent publisher, it's the little things that give you the push to carry on doing what you love, so the Easter treat for me is the April edition of Good reading Magazine @TM by Booktopia, which features a tiny mention of "This Charming Dilemma" Forget Chocolate, seeing this feature was so much better (But only a tiny bit better than Chocolate)


When this was published I found myself reflecting on the time throughout the last five books and the journey of hurdles I overcame to achieved my published works.

With every manuscript written, the focus also has to be the vision.

Besides being the content creator, there is the task of working with graphic designers to achieve the cover vision , the vision of delivering a suitable edited and grammar piece so my brilliant and patient editor does not have to decode my bad spelling and grammar, (I'm sure anyone who is actually reading these emails would totally agree on my bad spelling and grammar ) the vision of seeing the final product in print, then we have the task of marketing, that’s when the tumble-weed blows in because I've got nothing left to give.

These days I have claim to single lady status, but up until four years ago, I was also the proud claim of single mother status, which meant that on top of being an amateur publishing guru, I was also the sole breadwinner for my little family. And because my marketing plan for the books was word of mouth from friends and family and the odd reader who happened to pick up a copy in a very well sorted location that was purposely lost me yours truly, I guess its becoming apparent to you people reading this, that said published books was not going to provide for my family of two teenagers, two dogs and two horses.

The vision of what I wanted the books to achieve for my life was lost in the daily grind of paid work and family commitments. But through those tough times (and there was a lot of them) I always found the drive to produce not one, but five printed books and each book that made it to print, represented a different hurdle of this journey.

When the little feature in a magazine could have an opportunity to grow into big things, my measure of success can only be measured by the little things that started it all and that is my small community of readers, followers, and friends that have encouraged my books.












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