• Sharon Ogden

Ruin ~ The road to transformation ~ a short story

Updated: May 12

She stood in the light that raided from within transcending her surroundings and beyond. A young spirit in female form, a product of her creator in the highest purity.

The path of light placed before her was paved by her heart, it lit up like a runway, beaconing her spirit to walk the path of light. The light is love and the highest love is what she has been created from.

She walked the beam of light, shadows start to form around her, entities of an existence conditioned and taught to dim the light of those who walk it. Human forms of dark matter seeking refuge in her light, her energy. Like a moth to a flame, they stick to her, jealous, greed, pain conditioning, toxic forms of entities burrow their way into her light, they dance around her, shadowing the light until an eclipses forms. She continues to walk towards the fading light and reaches the entity of the eclipse, the beautiful shallow illumination that shone through the dark.

She falls in love with the beautiful entity, the mirror of the shadow that has now distorted her. She can no longer see the light within herself, just the glimpse of eclipsed light, and like the moth to the flame, love, romance, lust, sparks another attraction of entities and births co-dependency. The veil fell over her eyes distorting her light.

The uncomfortable stirred within her, projecting emotions that took over her pure heart. Darkness now ascended on her. Stuck between two parallel worlds longing to go home, she can see the light, it was at a distance She placed her hand on the thick veiled wall that was dividing the pure path of light. Living amongst the entities had taken her energy and held it hostage, continuing to feed off her light within.

Love, lust and romance were destroyed as the eclipse blocked the final ray of light. Observing her surroundings conflict and defeat locked her in.  She hung in chains in the chamber of the human world, lost, fearful of the life that stuck to her, she was no longer love, she was truly defeated. The light that once held her spirit had dimmed. the distortion fell away, exposing the ruins around her, the ruins she participated in creating. Fear is what she has learned conditioning is what she accepted.

Through the darkness, she felt the tap on her shoulder shining faintly with a wavering light, a young spirit in male form stirred her, the twin of her soul, pushing through the darkness exposing the ray of light activating every energy center in her body. Her soul stirred, awakened by his touch.

Army's of strength formed through her charkas, his love, her strength breaking the veiled wall of distortion. The shadows held no power against the new strength of the light, like a moth to a flame, the entities charged at her trying to take hold of the illumination that threatened their distorted existence. They could not stick, her soul burned through it all as she returned to love. Greed, conditioning, lust expectation jealousy insecurities, fell away, light projected from her heart exposing the path towards her highest soul She fought against the entities with every strength, fighting for the light that will bring her back home.

The entities turned into reptiles, weak in their distorted souls they feed on the vulnerable and soon they will starve. She fought her way back to the light, the entities fell from her. She walked strongly in her high priestess energy to her place amongst the light beings towards her highest spirit, leaving behind the belief that those who came into her life would offer her the very best intentions. She took back her crown from those who had faded into the dark offering herself the best possible intentions through her purest light

copyright (c) Sharon Ogden 2022

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