• Sharon Ogden

Do we really have a "Larry" in our life, or are we just crazy?

Anyone who read 'This Charming Angel" back in 2012 would remember the Character Larry. The pole-dancing, cartwheeling, swearing, mischievous, penniless vagabond ghost that haunted "Lisa" as she her newfound career as an event planner.

“Do you think that old church might be haunted?" I asked Daniel.

“No, I don't believe in ghosts,” he said in a dry tone.

A slight squeal from outside the shop diverted our attention as the woman who was looking at Daniel's window display suddenly hit the pavement.

I glared at Larry who is chuckling away with his toothless grin.

Daniel rushed to the woman's aid but luckily the fall wasn't a bad one and she was okay.

Larry was sitting in my car when I left Daniels shop so I have spent the entire journey to Matt and Neroli's house lecturing a supernatural being on the safety aspects of practical jokes.' ~This Charming Angel~

~This Charming Angel~

As a writer, creating characters is a way to combine alter egos and personality traits to make a unique person that steals the story.

I liken it to creating my own Frankenstein out of the personalities I met along my life journey.

Larry's detriment personality was developed from my own beliefs that some days there is an energy source out there tying your shoe laces together to keep you humble when your steps get too big. The universe puts the strangest things in your path to test the boundaries of your existence , lets face it, Larry would have been an undesirable character if I was to write him in as a physical body person, but taking personality traits and forming him into a supernatural being, made that lovable character a fundamental curveball that was perfect to throw into the story line,


What's that sound?

Sounds like thumping.

I followed the sound which is coming from my bedroom.

Oh I don't believe it,

Larry is jumping on my bed throwing the contents of my handbag out around the room like he is conducting a lolly scramble.

“What are you doing?” I hissed.

“Don’t like him, don't like him,” Larry sung, as his heavy boots continued to tangle up in my lovely clean bed sheets.

Ducking some of the contents of my handbag, I climb up on my bed to try and retrieve it.

“Give it,” I demand as Larry continues to jump around in circles chanting the ritual of his dislike to my taste of potential boyfriends.

. Trying to retrieve your handbag from a supernatural being is not as easy as it sounds.

~ This Charming Angel~

As I put together the storyline for my next book in 2022/2023 bringing back the ghost of Larry seemed to be paramount to the complete pandemonium that's to come in the next adventure in the Lisa Collins Saga.











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