• Sharon Ogden

An usual way to sell eye-pillows

A reflection on the characters that glue the series together

When the Country woman’s association decide on a fund-raiser to donate to a good cause, Their newly elected president Lisa is outvoted when new member Neroli comes up with an idea of making and selling stuffed craft items. but Lisa's suspicions are raised when an unusual group of local lad's take an interest in helping promote these craft items.

The 150th meeting of the CWA is under-way in the back room of the community hall.

Present are the usual: Mrs Crankshaw . Betty, Maggie, Fran, Mary and Gloria New this month, Neroli (sporting a huge victory smirk on her face after selling a lot of ugly craft items and accompanied by another 10 shopping bags full of ugly eye pillows).

Also present are the unusual: Munt, Stumpy, Daz and Patrick. Local youths who want to propose a business idea for the ugly eye pillows, invited and introduced by Mrs Crankshaw.

hmmmm I really need to get to the bottom of these eye pillows, so much involvement by spotty youths over a craft item seems a little strange to me

~This Charming Angel"

When I first starting writing the series, I joined a local community organisation. I quickly learnt that even within community organisations , politics and disagreements can happen, but they never forget the main reason they donated their precious time to serve others. Because the "Charming was set in small town Australia it was only paramount that the story-lines were centred around an organisation. I introduce characters from the CWA into the life of Lisa to draw her into the spotlight of the community.

Arriving at the CWA stall and there's a huge line at the CWA stall. Mrs Crankshaw is all red in the face and flustered looking. “Is that all you brought?” she said in a frazzled state as Neroli snatches the bags off me and starts unpacking them onto the table. The first bunch of local lads in the queue start handing over money and they don't even seem to care what colour they receive.

“Quick, go back and get more,” Mrs Crankshaw's instructs me as she busies herself with unpacking the second bag. I'm in a bit of a surreal state over these young people’s fondness for ugly eye pillows, what the hell? , "You can't of sold all of them"I scoffed. "of course we have"Mrs Crankshaw snapped, änd now we have a queue of people waiting for more, so we need them now! ~This Charming Angel~

Unlike the character Larry in this book, The legends of the CWA have been with Lisa since the very beginning, new members have come and gone but the naive and naughty behaviour of the main members Betty and Fran have been the magnet to the storyline in each of the books with their crazy and rebellious community services.

I look forward to the next CWA meeting in the next book in the series.











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