This Charming Angel

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This Charming Angel
This Charming Angel Hot single farmers, nosy neighbours, uncouth locals, squatters, scandals and an attic full of illegal substances hiders her escape from this crazy rural land. No matter where she goes Lisa cannot help but attract unwanted attention especially from a dear old colourful sole called Larry. Pretending not to be disturbed by "This Charming Angel"* Lisa pushes on and builds the old shack into a prosperous wedding venue and accommodation (complete with own petting zoo). Excitement builds when she has the opportunity to plan her first wedding, but curveballs are thrown from every direction including the return of her mortal enemy, after dreaming of the big day herself, Lisa is once again without love. Following on from "This Charming Shack" Lisa Collins is back with a whole new career a whole new love and a Whole new Facebook profile
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