Bare Feet

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Bare Feet

Meet Elizabeth:
Witty Artistic Fun...and Dead.

Elizabeth sucks at being a spiritual guide.

She has messed up again. Her latest client on Earth plunges to an early death after a skydiving accident which was not meant to happen.

So Elizabeth, along with fellow incompetent spiritual guides (Gypsy - an old lazy hippie, Rebecca - a young professional woman with a corporate brain and a scaly Lizard from the dinosaur era), have 2 weeks to redeem themselves or sacrifice their freedom by being banished to the “in-between” life.

Their mission ~ To unite Cameron and Kym.
Cameron: A truck driver with an anger problem ~ Loves cats, lives alone and hates birds; of the feathery kind.

Kym: A plain Jane florist shop owner ~ suffers severely from allergies, lives in a granny flat behind her best friend’s place and has a passion for caged birds.

Two heartbroken soles destined to be together in this life.

For Elizabeth, this matchmaking task seems like a walk in the park, or is it…….???

Bare feet is about finding love with a little help from above.

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