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For single mum Kelly, its just another dull Saturday night scrolling through social media

For Kelly’s old school friend Tara, life in her house is the same .


When they both receive a friend request from what appears to be an old class mate and captured by his intriguing profile both Kelly and Tara quickly accept the request convinced they remember Will Bowan



But after receiving a private message Kelly is quickly in taken by Will's charm after he informs her she was his high school crush.



For Tara, Will Bowman was the “one” that got away


Unable to recall the events of their school days but convinced it must of happen, both ladies try to arrange a reunion to reunite the flame they must of left behind all those years ago.


But when four old school friends and ex pacts get together a discussion triggers hunted memories of a a past event. Convincing themselves that they must put right the past, they start to put together the mystery that has been left open all these years. As they rally the class of 91 to put the past right, Kelly has the opportunity to meet her past crush Will Bowman, but confusion quickly sets.

Who really is Will Bowman?