This Charming Shack

Single and in her thirties Lisa Collins pulls all stops to win the heart of a man- including a run-down rural property.

 With no rural experience under her belt Lisa paints a dreaded picture of hillbillies and isolation. With her best friend Millie by her side (and Millie’s colourful hen pecked boyfriend Sid) Lisa redeems her latest mistake my moving to the country to fix up “This Charming Shack”* for sale.

 What she discovers is so much more then that…..


Bridget Jones Diary meets The Vicar of Dibley" 'This Charming Shack' is a hilarious tale for any single urbanite with a love hate relationship with all things rural.

IBSN - 9781466323043 - 358 pages (c) - 2011 sharon gartner

This Charming Angel

No matter where she goes Lisa cannot help but attract unwanted attention especially from a dear old colourful sole called Larry. Pretending not to be disturbed by “This Charming Angel”* Lisa pushes on and builds the old shack into a prosperous wedding venue and accommodation  Excitement builds when she has the opportunity to plan her first wedding, but curveballs are thrown from every direction including the return of her mortal enemy,.


Following on from "This Charming Shack" Lisa Collins is back with a whole new career a whole new love and a Whole new Facebook profile.

IBSN 9780987375001 ~ C) 2012 SHARON GARTNER PAGE 412

This Charming Guest
.Following on from ‘This Charming Angel’ Lisa Collins is ready for a new chapter of her life. Approaching 40 and desperate for a baby Lisa is about to give up all hope of finding the right man until a young film maker books into her B&B. Excited at the prospect of the opportunities ‘This Charming Guest’ brings, Lisa sets out to change the filmmakers plan’s to work to her advantage of finding Mr Right.
IBSN ~0987375-8-3.  PAGES 397 (C) 2014 SHARON GARTNER





Bare Feet


Meet Elizabeth:

 Witty Artistic Fun...and Dead.


Elizabeth sucks at being a spiritual guide.

She has messed up again. Her mission, to unite two heartbroken soles destined to be together in this life.

For Elizabeth, this matchmaking task seems like a walk in the park, or is it…….???


Bare feet is about finding love with a little help from above.

New!!! .

So Lisa is pregnant. But who is the father? Lisa is on the brink of launching her television career as a reality TV star, but after learning of her surprise pregnancy, Lisa decides to conceal her condition until she establishes her status as a celebrity. With the camera crew following her every move, Lisa is challenged in every direction including trying to find her celebrity niche. But after a shocking discovery by the CWA woman , Lisa finds herself fighting to defend the ownership of her Charming B&B. ~ Following on from 'This Charming Guest' Lisa Collins is back and about to enter the biggest chapter of her life. ~

  This Charming Dilemma