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Sharon Gartner





Sharon is a content writer and an independent published Author and writer of chick literature fiction.

This Charming Shack published in 2011 was the start of the collection,  followed by This Charming Angel in 2013, This Charming Guest in 2015, and her latest, This Charming Dilemma in 2019.

Sharon grew up in small town New Zealand and moved to the beautiful forest ranges of Blackbutt Qld Australia in 2009 where she began her writing career. 

Having lived mainly in small towns throughout her life, "This Charming series" was based on her experiences in living in small towns and the interesting characters she has meet along the way.


Sharon then went on to publish "Bare Feet" A tale of divine guidance. 

Sharon continues to write from her home in Australia and has many publications available on She is also a content writer for Not for profit organisations and Charities